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Jason Terry has always had a passion for working in the restaurant business. He takes pride in excelling in customer service and works diligently to keep his employees properly trained. Alongside his wife, they work together to bring quality pizza to the residents in Jacksonville NC. Casa Mia offers partial table service for dine in residents (must place order at the cashier) and delivery to those who live within an 5 mile radius. Watch the full story below for the history of Casa Mia Pizzeria in Jacksonville NC. 



Owner of Casa Mia, Jason Terry started working in the pizza business right out of high school. He began his journey with being a delivery boy for a local pizza shop. As time went on, his responsibilities and roles shifted until he was able to properly prep and make all the dishes. He took on managerial roles until in 2019, he decided to purchase and run his own pizza company called Casa Mia Pizzeria in Jacksonville NC. 

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